After judging the Masters contest in the Netherlands, we asked Candice to pick her favourite image and why.

You can view the whole gallery of award winning photos here. Candice will be one of the jurors in the first round of the Masters contest in the UK & IE also.


"Picking one image out of thousands to highlight is an impossible task.  I love photographs where the camera is present and invisible.  True emotion is captured, not created, and love is dominant.  These images make us feel something, and the images themselves are memorable because of our connection to them."

"To my own surprise, I didn't choose a couple in love.  I went with upset grandmother."

"This moment is perfect, needs no explanation, and still makes me laugh.  The photographer was close enough to make us feel.   Well done, Leonard Walpot , for getting the camera where it needed to be.  I love it!"

Candice C. Cusic

Jury member 1st round Masters of Wedding Photography UK & IE


Photo by Leonard Walpot




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