"It’s not a scene normally seen at a wedding. Nudity usually being consigned to Hen or Stag nights only! However this wedding was a Bride marrying her Royal Marine Groom."

"I had been briefed that there was going to be a naked bar after 10.30 (some sort of army tradition) that would allow those who didn’t appreciate such a thing to leave earlier should they wish.  So I was up for something different that would either fall flat on its face or lead to a cracking image - a few extra hours to the day would be worth the punt."

"However, just as the guests gathered ready for the traditional Bride & Groom  first dance, a guest & cousin to the Bride, sprang into life with an impromptu dance routine & strip.  Encircling the dance floor area, removing clothing as he went.  I moved over to the opposite side of the room, as I knew the ‘picture’ would be the guests faces.  I had no idea how far he would go, only time would tell!"


"I shot it on a Fuji XT-1 from the hip to get a lower perspective.  Something I may have changed had I known the guy was going scissor step over my camera ( I could have been a camera down and needed the medical services to retract it!)"

"The winning image was a belter!  So pleased to have captured one hell of a unique wedding photo. The faces and the Bride’s hand say it all!"

"The story behind the story:  Yes, the stripping guest and cousin had had a bit too much to drink. He was celebrating having just finished a recent course of chemotherapy.  Good on him and what a way to celebrate!!!"

"Needless to say, after that I felt hanging around for a naked bar wasn’t needed.  I knew I had more than I could have wished for from one wedding day!"


Linus Moran




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